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What you’ll experience with HRSE’s executive search services

A highly selective, personally curated network of top-tier talent.

HRSE has its roots in San Francisco, deep connections to the VC and startup communities in Silicon Valley, and extensive relationships with talent on a national scale. Having placed candidates from LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Boston, and NYC, we maintain a vast, diverse, and highly specialized network that allows us to deliver highly engaged, top-caliber talent to our clients.

We source candidates from our rich and deeply connected personal ecosystems. When combined, our highly targeted research, focus in private company sourcing, niche experience, and enduring relationships in the people space make it so that our placements are quick-to-fill, strategic, targeted, and aligned to your precise talent needs.

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The search is just the start

Operating at the intersection of people, talent, and culture, HRSE offers a full immersion search experience for our clients. Deeply committed to each client’s talent trajectory, it’s not uncommon for us to provide guidance throughout the onboarding process, or even connect placed leaders with mentors in our network.

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100% of our clients are gained through referrals.

Unique in the executive search industry for our 100% referral rate for new clients and incredibly high number of repeat clientele, we are known for going above and beyond to ensure the continued success of your hire far beyond the initial search’s fulfillment.

What others have to say about HRSE

“HRSE efficiently and smoothly learned about [our] needs, teased out what made executives successful and consulted on an effective search strategy, enabling us to close on the right hire.

The team’s knowledge of the people space and the ability to understand our specific business, values, and culture was incredibly unique and allowed them to provide detailed feedback and helped me think more deeply about the role, which will make the executive we hired even more effective and successful. I firmly believe HRSE is the best in their space and have already recommended them to other CEOs and founders.”  

Kevin Wang
Founder & CEO, FOSSA
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