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We help venture-backed startups find the talent that fulfills on their growth potential while preserving their culture and advancing their brand as a people-first, top employer.

Working hand-in-hand with founders, CEOs, and CHROs to build their people strategies from the ground up, we help our clients confidently identify and secure the exact talent they need to scale their vision, impact, and longevity. 

Our mission is to help our clients meet the future of work head-on with people strategies that attract talent, strengthen retention, ensure value & mission alignment, and drive growth at scale.

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HRSE’s decades of combined experience in retained, contingent and in-house recruiting has led to an impressive track record in successful talent searches for a range of people leader roles.

Beyond our focus on Director and VP of People & Director and VP of Talent roles, our team often works with people executives to lead other VP- and director-level functional searches--with recent role placements for head of rewards, head of people ops & systems, head of HRBPs and more. If you have another type of functional people role you’re looking to fill but you’re unsure if we can help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What to expect from a partnership with HRSE

Precision focus on people & talent leadership

A precision focus on people & talent leadership

HRSE is distinct for our niche, boutique focus in the people and talent space—operating at a cut above other search firms generalizing in executive leadership. As people leader experts, we help startups find the people talent that enable their business advantage.

Boutique firm with large-scale impact

A boutique firm with large-scale impact

HRSE is distinctly high-touch in how we serve our clients, taking pride in delivering the same caliber of talent and results of a large search firm—but with a wealth of personalization and commitment that elevates our results beyond what is typically expected for a boutique practice

Proven and robust talent search methodology

A proven and robust talent search methodology

HRSE’s approach is distinct for its emphasis on the mission of the role, outcomes, and competencies to ensure alignment in the talent search process. Our holistic and flexible search framework ensures that talent aligns with both experience and your company’s culture—prioritizing diversity, role success, and values fit in each and every candidate on your shortlist.

Proven partners to guide your first-time talent strategy

Proven partners to guide your first-time talent strategy

Having spent a decade in the people and talent space, we’re recognized for the level of insight and education we share with founders who are navigating this hiring process for the very first time. We proactively share recommendations for each stage of the search with tried-and-true best practices. 

Meet the team

As former in-house operators with 50+ years of combined experience in scaling startups and leading successful executive searches, we have a uniquely deep understanding of what it means to partner with people leaders and executives of varying-stage companies.

Together, we share our career foundations in the high-intensity space of contingency search, but with a blend of recruiting experiences in contexts like high-stakes corporate banking and finance and as in-house recruiters for scaling startups. We bring a dynamic and powerful combination of experiences that allow us to serve our clients exceptionally well.

Come and join ouramazing team

Come and join ouramazing team

Come and join ouramazing team

What others have to say about HRSE

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"The HRSE team has a fantastic network and brought candidates forward that met the intersection of our needs and top talent in the market, as well as maintained great candidate and client communication.

They have an efficient but highly effective consultative approach integrating diversity into every step of the seamless process. I look forward to working with the HRSE team again.”  

Lynee Luque
CPO, Nerdwallet
HR Search Experts