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The power of a talented people leader placement

With a successful people leader placement, our clients find the guidance they need in navigating talent attraction, enabling high-performing teams, increasing employee satisfaction, and driving alignment with their fundamental mission and values—all in the context of the increasingly challenging and rapidly evolving tech talent market.

At this inflection point in the future of work, your startup’s growth strategy and talent strategy are one and the same.  And in creating your foundation to scale, you need the people leaders in place that will take your organization to the next level.

What others have to say about HRSE

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“I have worked on many retained searches and was particularly impressed partnering with the talented team at HR Search Experts for our Head of Talent search.

In addition to their in-depth industry knowledge, strong understanding of our business, and excellent pulse on the market, they really set themselves apart by providing a strong structure for the role and framework for the assessment process, which allowed us to align and arrive at a tremendous candidate quickly.”

Lynee Luque
CPO, Nerdwallet

Securing the leaders that help you attract, nurture, and retain your greatest asset: Your People.

Many of our clients come to us feeling overwhelmed with the hiring process and ever-pressing need to fill an essential people role. With a decade of storied experience in people talent searches, we are the proven guide that founders, CEOs, and CHROs trust for finding the right match on the first try.

In HRSE, you’ll find subject matter experts that are laser-focused on your talent outcomes. Just as supportive as we are proactive, we’ll help you define what your candidate search should truly involve, what success in a placement really looks like, and how you can better tap into your talent strategy as a powerful growth driver for the business.

And because our focus extends far beyond fundamental skills and competencies and into values alignment and cultural fit, we’ll help you put the foundation in place that protects your culture while you scale. Deeply invested in your success, we’re the partner that supports your search so that you can return to the work you came here to do, the impact you were meant to create, and the vision that keeps you going.

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