HRSE is a boutique executive search firm focused on recruiting top market talent for critical people leadership roles for the technology industry.


We May Be Small But We Mean Business.

In a world of behemoth search firms, we stand out. Perhaps not just for our track record and visibility in the marketplace, but also for our reputed strength in finding valuable people to enhance the value of your business.
At HR SEARCH EXPERTS, the power of small is to your advantage. Our laser-focused boutique firm specializes solely in people leadership searches, and recruits for venture-backed technology startups.
With over 40 years of combined experience, we have fine-tuned our approach by staying selective and relevant within the rapidly evolving technology industry. Additionally, we leverage proven framework to evaluate candidates based on their expertise, competencies, and values to ensure they are the perfect fit for the role. By providing personal on-on-one guidance, our clients can count on our consistent communication throughout the hiring process and beyond. Whatever your people leadership needs are, we’re here to partner with you every stage of your company’s growth.
At HR Search Experts, we realize that your company’s human capital is a form of wealth, that will, in turn, create more wealth for your business in the future. And since a company is only as rich as it’s talent, we want to ensure you’ll invest wisely.

Let's get to work.